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Interview With ‘Antidemon’ … ‘The Apocalypse Is Here … The Apocalypse Is Now’

Antidemon is a death/grind metal band from São Paulo, Brazil, which is founded in 1994 by Batista. Earlier this year the band signed with Rowe Productions, who released the new album Apocalypse Now, earlier last month. And if all goes well the band will go on tour through Europe, next year in 2013.

TMR: Hello to you from´The Metal Resource’ Holland, how are things going there in Brazil ?

First I want to thank this opportunity to ‘The Metal Resource. ” It is the first time the Antidemon in almost 19 years of existence responds to an interview from the Netherlands, which is a country that very dream in touch. I’m answering this interview on a flight from Costa Rica to Brazil, we are returning from a tour in Mexico and 05 countries in Central America and hopefully find everything well in Brazil and continue our career. Arriving in Brazil, we have a sequence of presentations across the country and a gig in La Paz, Bolivia in October.

TMR: Will you Introduce yourself and the band please ! [name and instrument]

I am the “Baptist” Bass and Lead Vocals in Antidemon, and also the founder of the band.

TMR: Tell us the brief history of ‘Antidemon’.

Antidemon was born in January 1994, the beginning was a quintet, I was the only vocalist. The band emerged from several revelations from God. During years of trials and situations that made me understand that I had to assemble this band to tell the world about the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the same year Antidemon began its activities, he recorded his first demo tape, self-titled and attended a launch in history with over 09 bands Vinyl, called Refugio Rock. In 1997 was released the demo tape “Confinement Eternal” which had a circulation of over 5000 copies which was something exciting for the season and opened doors for the first disc full of banda …

But even before it was launched over a demo tape to commemorate the 04 years of the band in 1998. That same year. Antidemon entered the studio to record their first album, which was called “Demonocídio.” The next album was recorded in 2002 in Mexico, during a tour of the band for that country. Already with Juliana as “drummer” Antidemon happened the recording of the third album, called “Satanichaos” and with it the biggest tour of Antidemon … We visited 27 countries in 04 continents on the planet, putting the band in a really world projection. In 2012 something happened that really cheered the group, who was signed to Steve Rowe of Mortification, so Antidemon to record their fourth album for “Rowe Productions Australia-” Thus was born in the album “Apocalpysenow” and even before that work be available, many new opportunities happened for the band, making the finish line for the 20 years since the group was being marked by many achievements.

Today the original lineup only I (Batista) am the remainder … In principle I just was singer and at one point took the road playing bass, due to the departure of two consecutive “bass”.Juliana (Drums) is in Antidemon since 2006 and at the moment we are setting a new guitarist.

TMR: Are you guys full time musicians ? If not what kind of job or study do you do beside the band ?

We are with our full time for Antidemon. The seasons out of Brazil with the band are impossible to have something like parallel work. It’s not easy because we have live by faith! But we’re happy with that opportunity. I am also the founder Pastor “Crash Church,” a church that exists to receive all kinds of people, regardless of your taste in music, or visual culture … When we are in Brazil also devote enough time to this work, when we have to go on the mission tour continues over the direction of others.

TMR: What is your musical background ? [for everyone personal]

Batista: No (high-taught)
Juliana: No (high-taught)

TMR: Why the name ‘Antidemon’ ? Is there a story behind it ?

He had the first steps of banda established, but it was hard to choose a name … I made a list, but could not decide … At that time the black shirt he wore, was myself who painted … One day I was trying to paint something … And I wanted to write the phrase on a shirt: “Antidote against the devil,” but I was wrong … Instead of writing: ANTIDOTE … I wrote antide … When I realized that I changed the “O” through “E”, I did not know what to do … A while later I had an idea and the word that was completed: Antidemon. A few days later I had a dream … I was on the side of a Lord dressed in white … and talked with him, saying my concern for not finding a name for my band … Then he answered: You have to name your band … Look at the shirt you’re dressed … In the dream I looked at my shirt and this shirt was written “Antidemon” … When I awoke I was sure that this would be the band’s name.

TMR: Who writes the music/lyrics in ‘Antidemon’ ? .. how do you get in the mood for writing music? And which bands/situations have influences you for writing music and lyrics ?

Most of the letters I myself who writes … In the process of finalizing always my wife Juliana (drums) help me with the plug or change a word or two. I strongly believe that it is God himself who gives us the letters. On the last album called “APOCALYPSENOW” by Rowe Productions, the lyrics speak a lot about the end of time … and excerpts from Apocalypse’s own book … But we also have a song (King of Glory), this new disc is a Psalm of David … Psalm 24.

TMR: How do you describe the music of ‘Antidemon’ the best ?

Crude, gross, gruff and Loud.

TMR: How does ‘Antidemon’ stands in life till events in the world, religion and politics and in which proportion stands that till your music and lyrics ?

The lyrics of the songs Antidemon are mostly focused on what happens in the spiritual world showing that the relationship with our material world and all the events of everyday life in all its aspects, always passing a message alert and realistic about everything around us.

TMR: For a lot of bands the lyrics are just a accidental circumstance, but for some bands they use them to communicate ! ..can you tell us how that is for ‘Antidemon’ ?

The letters are our main focus, our message of great importance to us, without it there would be no sense maybe we exist as banda

TMR: Name some of your favorite bands to play with live [past and future] and tell us why ?

In the past we have the joy of having played on the same stage as bands Devilcrusher, Calvary Necromanicide, Siegrid Ingrid, Extol, Noiz, Sacrificium, Seventh Avenue, Nervochaos, Lament, The Crucified, Narnia and Korzus.

In the future we want to play with the very Mortification, which is an example for us in many ways.

TMR: First record you bought? [for everyone personal]

Batista: The Crucified.
Juliana: These days – Bon Jovi

TMR: What makes you laugh? [for everyone personal]

Batista: A very clumsy person trying to do everything right.
Juliana: A funny movie.

TMR: How do you promote your band and shows ?

In the early years of the band, the fanzines were the greatest tool for the dissemination of Antidemon, after the group had already achieved a projection on the national scene, the middle metallic print magazines, radios and even some TV channels were in charge of making our name well known. These same media help us much today, but I believe the internet is the greatest tool to disseminate our work through our official websites, video channels, social networks … it all makes every day the planet is achieved more through our music.

TMR: How do you prepare for a show? [for everyone personal]

Batista: prayer, testing, disclosure, reliance on God and more prayer.
Juliana: rehearsing and praying.

TMR: Describe your show, visual and musically? And tell us about your upcoming shows and why they should be there

The show’s Antidemon is seen by his constituents as a spiritual battle, something beyond the physical and beyond music. We believe that when we went on stage there is a great spiritual movement around it … A real battle between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of darkness. One of our goals in our presentations and pass the good news of salvation that over 2000 years ago Jesus Christ himself came to pass in the land. As Jesus faced difficulties and oppositions to do this and get this message, we also face today the same things. Only those who have actually been in a presentation Antidemon can realize this. Musically we like that our presentation is the the most energy possible and with great mass and weight sound … a mixture of ‘death metal’ with ‘grind core’ …

Visually we can always expect a lot of hair in the air … And aggressively following every body riif guitar and bass, and drums in every blow in every sentence urrada … In everything we try to make our body expresses all the power and brutality that we are called to distribute.

TMR: What is the dumbest question you have ever been asked? [for everyone personal]

Batista: In a presentation of Northern Italy: – You do not feel embarrassed to talk more of the devil than Jesus Christ in your music? So I said: No! With the Holy Bible also happens something like that, where there are 177 references to the devil in his many names, we mentioned in our songs to expose their shame, reveal his lie and show God’s sovereignty over it.
Juliana: In an interview with Radio Antidemon: Because you are a woman, you feel playing an instrument made for “men”?

TMR: Do you have a life philosophy / favorite quote ? [for everyone personal]

Batista: I try to follow the footsteps and example of Jesus Christ … It’s not easy, but I tried.
Juliana: As hard as it is try to live according to the will of God … I try all the time to figure out what he wants me to live, and how he wants me to live.

TMR: Are you visiting many gigs and what do you listen to these days? [for everyone personal]

Batista: Spent a good time listening to the CDs of the bands that won with whom we played on our tour … When we returned home with many materials. But not only hear the music “metal,” I love praise music and message passing in his hope and faith.
Juliana: I have heard quite Extreme Metal, Thrash Metal and a bit of Hard Core.

TMR: Tell us about the hardrock/metal scene in your area please?

We live in the city of São Paulo. Without any doubt it is the largest center for metal music in Brazil. I’ve told some Saturdays over 30 good metal concerts performed only in this city in one day. There are many other styles of music, but the metal has always survived and I believe it will survive in this city.

TMR: What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

The first work of Antidemon to be released in 1995, was a collection from “VINYL”. After many Demo Tapes on K7 tapes and then CDs … Really live it almost twenty years I can say that the Phonographic Industry and something that always is always subject to many changes. There were times that I worried too much about what would happen … However when I started to live fever downloads, which nobody bought the cds of bands, and made downloads a day after the release of the album. Really this time was the hardest, as sales and orders by mail plummeted. However I felt relieved when I realized that we continued to sell our albums at least in our live shows. I believe the changes and instabilities in the Recording Industry continue to exist, and each artist or band must be prepared to adapt and continue enforcing their work and talent, even though everything seems easier because of the internet, or more difficult for some good music will always have its consumers … Be it distributed forms of vinyl, tape K7, CDs, downloads or otherwise … Good music will always exist.

TMR: Your album ‘Satanichaos’, was released in 2009, what can you tell us about it ?

The Album “SATANICHAOS” is composed of 16 tracks. Label was Cuiabá city, more than 1,500 miles from Sao Paulo, where we live. But it was in that distant place where we find the support of a music producer named Junior Tchucka who helped us and blessed with the production and recording of this album! It was really a great miracle because we had no financial condition to record, and a presentation of Antidemon that city, he saw us playing and recording production and offered as a gift and that it would be a blessing to do this … Then a few months later, we traveled to this city and have been recording for 19 days in March 2009 and started a world tour for the album “SATANICHAOS.” The cover was painted by me, was a painting on canvas, which was photographed and later adapted for the album cover.

TMR: Your latest album ‘Apocalypse Now’, was released earlier this year, tell us about the songs, the recording proces, who did the artwork etc.

The recording of the album Apocalypsenow happened in April 2012. Among the various tours Antidemon … We separate little over 30 days to record this album in São Paulo. The album contains 11 tracks and Apocalysenow basically depicts the events of the End of the Age of Apocalypse and some songs speak of eternal torment for those who ignored the opportunity to be with God … How the Music “Lament” … The Music that takes the title of Disco, “Apocalypsenow says that the Apocalypse has arrived and we are living these days … “Not delay” speaks of Jesus Christ will not come back and take in the beautiful wedding of the Lamb. We also have strong lyrics like “Welcome to Death” that’s welcome death and hell those who only practice iniquities … the track “Virus” speech that sin is a virus that attacks and attacked the man and end the letter and fully biblical saying on the day of the return of Jesus Christ. We still have the tracks “Domain” and “King of Glory” who are true praise and worship God for His greatness and sovereignty. The album contains Apocalypsenow, two songs sung in English, 1 in Spanish (Fuera diablo) and 8 songs in Portuguese, which is our language in Brazil. However in the liner notes of the album all 11 songs are translated into English.

After recording and mixing in Sao Paulo-Brazil’s work was sent to Steve Rowe in Australia, where the album was pressed and distributed from that distant nation to the world.

TMR: The album is released via ‘Rowe Productions’, how did you get signed by them ?

For me it was a gift from God to work with Rowe Productions. Steve Rowe met in 2001 on a tour that made the Mortication in Brazil. Already admired him greatly and from there it grew. We are many years without any contact, however from 2010 began to see Steve’s comments about the album we were working at the time, that was the “Satanichaos” and his positive comments about this work. In 2011 reestablished contact and then not take long to start talking about a work of Antidemon with Rowe Productions. And so it happened at the beginning of 2012 we signed a contract with them and receive from Rowe Productions conditions for a renowned recording studio in São Paulo-Brazil Luiz Ricardo Ciero, a Producer too long recognized the work done in the middle of Metal. We are delighted with this partnership and we are getting great support and acceptance of all that surprising are already acquiring Apocalypsenow and comments made worldwide by the specialized media, considering the Apocalypsenow the best album released by Antidemon.

TMR: What about your plans for this year or the near future ? [European Tour maybe]

We record our fourth album in April this year and it is being released by Rowe Productions of Australia in August 2012 … With that we start a new “World Tour” for the release of this album, and two destinations that already have defined in our hearts is our fifth season in Europe, and please … NETHERLANDS and we visit the other hand, perhaps the first to make it happen “Antidemon Tour” in the United States. However our plans and our future are totally in God’s hands and just want to do what he has planned for us. Maybe not what we expect, but surely, his will is the best we have to live.

TMR: What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Do not abandon your dreams. Do not give up your ideals. However great are the difficulties and oppositions must continue. And as the years go by and the natural events of life are coming as marriage, family, responsibilities … Do not let anything steal your dreams … Try adding things and not subtract them! You can make your family and your responsibilities go hand in hand with his band … With their dreams! Many when they start to mature and then be able to live the fruits of that, stop … Quit … Abort the mission. Believe what God began in your life … and that he is faithful and just to complete everything.

TMR: What are the biggest obstacles for bands?

Maybe disbelief in own work and have a proper goal … I think it’s hard to have a focus to achieve, without being slaughtered by the delay and possible losses in the middle of the walk.

TMR: Guys thanks for your time and the interview, we wish ‘Antidemon’ all the best for 2012… Is there anything you wanna say at last? [any final statement ?]

I am thrilled to make it to the end of this interview … It took me enough to write it, because it came at a time of many trips with Antidemon while answering this interview and went through several countries and varied situations. I managed to spend a little of what we think and live for each player. And after knowing that the best work of Antidemon, each player can earn in “The Metal Resource” more an ally, in the noble mission we have been given is to take all this forward and show the world that there is another king, called Jesus Christ! Thank you all for your interest and patience to be with us in this matter! Until next time! Hopefully via e-mail or on one of our shows or any event … We are with you!

Line up:
Batista – Vocal/Bass
Juliana – Drums
Luis – Guitar

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